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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Get Rid Of Stomach Gas, Here Its Tips

If you are looking to relive yourself of the excess gas that has accumulated in your stomach, you can take help of these remedies mentioned below.

#   Lie Down

If you are feeling discomfort in the stomach due to gas having accumulated you need to :
•    Lie down keeping the head elevated
•    Rest in such a position for some time till the discomfort has reduced

#   Consumption Of Fruits

If vegetables are leading to gas build up in your system you could take up certain fruits that will help to reduce the gas :
•    Drink lemon juice or other citrus fruits
•    Consume papaya which will help to reduce the feeling of bloatedness

#    Increase Exercises

It is important to do exercises in order to avoid the frequent buildup of excess gas:
•    One should exercise for thirty minutes every day
•    One needs to be more active physically

#   Using Baking Soda

If one has gas in their stomach they can use baking soda in the following manner :
•    Add a spoonful of baking soda to a cup of hot water
•    Consume it to aid digestion

#  Add Mustard To The Food

It would help to use the simple ingredient in one’s cooking :
•    Mustard is said to help relieve gas symptoms
•    It can be used as an ingredient in many dishes and helps to keep or prevent gas from building up

#   Use Of Indian Spices

If one used Indian spices in their cooking they are known to have beneficial properties that aid digestion :
•    Cardamom
•    Turmeric
•    Cumin

#  Increase The Intake Of Hot Fluids

When one increase hot fluids that will help the gas to pass out of the system :
•    Hot beverages like tea or coffee will help to move the gas along
•    It is best to opt for herbal tea that aids the digestion process

#   Increase Intake Of Ginger

If you are suffering from indigestion and gas problem you could :
•    Increase the intake of ginger by adding it to your food
•    Chew the ginger root and allow the juices to take effect

#   Increase Fluid Intake

When gas develops in the stomach it signifies poor digestion :
•    When fluids are drank in plenty, it helps to move the undigested food from the colon and out from the system
•    When one consumes fiber rich food they need to drink enough water to prevent the undigested food particles from accumulating in the colon and causing gas

#  Reduce The Consumption Of Carbonated Drinks

When one consumes carbonated drinks it leads to :
•    Increase in discomfort as the gas accumulation increases
•    Pain in the chest will increase if one intakes such beverages

#  Position To Take Up To Reduce Gas

There are some positions that are helpful to eliminate gas from the system:
•    One needs to kneel on the head and keep their buttocks in the air. When one is in such a position with the head facing down they allow the gas to pass out of the system
•    One can lie down and press their legs against the stomach. At the same time, one needs to breathe in and try and force the gas out while breathing out
•    When one is trying to push the gas out of their abdomen they need to ensure that the stomach is empty

#    Helpful Positions When Lying Down

There are certain positions that are recommended when one suffers from frequent gas attacks. There are many women who suffer from such bloatedness during pregnancy and it helps to :
•    Lie down on one’s side
•    Keep the head elevated as compared to the legs


Know These Morning Mistakes

morning-mistakesMorning is the best time to influence one’s digestion system process. Digestion system is the rate of smoldering of sugar and arrival of vitality. The rate at which the vitality gave by the nourishment in our framework is spent is dictated by our metabolic rate. On the off chance that the metabolic rate is languid it prompts aggregation of fats and sugars in the framework which thus prompts weight pick up. In the event that you have a high metabolic rate, you will have the capacity to smolder off calories quicker and have the capacity to avoid the additional weight. Metabolic rate is impacted by various components, for example, hereditary qualities, weight and age. Despite the fact that these components are out of our control, there are numerous ways we can impact our digestion system levels. The right decisions will prompt the digestion system rate starting up or failing down. On the off chance that you are focusing on weight reduction, there are sure oversights which you may make bringing about backing off of the digestion system rate.

# Not Exercising

Research has shown that one keeps burning calories even after 24 hours after workout, especially when one does resistance training form of exercises. Research also has proven that exercising in the morning leads to more calories being brunt than exercising at any other time of the day. Thus, if you wish to get an effective exercise without going at it for hours, plan a short and quick workout early in the morning. You could get up and go for a run or a walk as suits your physical activity need and preference. When you do high intensity cardio interval training you challenge the fat burning genes more. As a result, the post workout calorie burn is much more. Doing cardio vascular exercises early in the morning on an empty stomach will prove most effective in reducing fat and weight.

# Not Doing Resistance Training

Most people think that resistance training is not for them. They feel that cardio vascular exercises are enough to keep them fit. While that is true in most regard, if you wish to develop lean muscles and want to keep the fat burning process going even after you have stopped exercising. It would be wiser to start doing strength training. Strength training involves working with weights but one can even do other forms of resistance training such as high intensity interval training. That leads to similar effects as weight lifting exercises. These kinds of exercises work on the muscle groups and lead to wear and tear. As the muscles start to recover and rebuild themselves, they burn the fat cells in order to get energy. During the time when you rest, the muscles are repairing themselves and burning calories at the same time. Thus, a metabolism boosting workout even for ten minutes included in one’s morning exercise routine will keep the calories burning through the day.

# Eating Too Late

This is a mistake that many people make. Most people do not have time to have breakfast when they rushing off to work or to drop the kids off to school. However, it has been seen that skipping breakfast can be worse for your health. It makes the metabolism rate slow down for the day. As the body is not provided adequate amount of food, the brain signals to the body to conserve energy. Accordingly the fats are stored up instead of getting burnt off. It is imperative that one eats within an hour of waking up. That sparks off the metabolic process called thermogenesis. This turns the food that is eaten into energy. That also makes it ideal to opt for high protein and even calorie laden food items during breakfast rather having it for lunch or dinner. If you feel like having a donut after having an omelet of egg whites, you might as well pack it in with an early breakfast so that you will burn it off during the day.

These are some of the great ways one can boost their metabolism. If you are not doing these activities, you are missing out on stepping up your metabolic rate.

Is weight gain weighing you down? Does it not seem to help no matter what measures you take? You need to understand the natural processes within your body with respect to fat burning. The kind of food that helps to burn fat, increase the metabolic rate more need to be known in order to affect weight loss. Again, eating the right food at the right time as well as doing the right amount of physical activity will keep the metabolism active. Even if you are born with a sluggish metabolism, you could do many things to step it up and make it work to your advantage in order to help you lose the fat and keep off the extra weight.

Improve Memory using These Helpful Tips

In order to function admirably and to demonstrate great at studies or at work, one needs to show great memory power. In the event that you have a solid memory it mirrors a sound cerebrum. You may be an understudy who is contemplating for the last, most decisive tests or you may be a working proficient. In all such cases, memory is the one thing to rely on upon with a specific end goal to do well and to stay sharp. Once more, for the individuals who are maturing, they have to discover approaches to protect and additionally upgrade their dim matter as they age. There are numerous things that should be possible with a specific end goal to enhance one’s mental execution including memory.

# Keeping Stress At Bay

Stress is one of the worst enemies of the brain. If you do check on your stress levels, chronic stress will destroy brain cells and the region where new memories take place and where old ones are retrieved.

  • Try Meditation – meditation is known to boost the powers of the brain as well as to bust stress. One can help to alleviate depression, anxiety, stress and other related problems by taking up meditation.
  • Find Ways To Relax – even if you have a stressful and demanding schedule at work or family life, take time out to relax, unwind, pamper yourself in order to feel good and relax. You could take some time to watch light comedies on television, see a movie and do others things you like.
  • Be Amongst Friends – even if you have a stressful schedule, finding time to meet friends and to be with them is a great way to stay social, active and alert. That helps to rejuvenate the brain cells and keep them functioning optimally.

# Increase Time For Fun And Friends

Many people think that increasing or boosting the memory is more to do with serious activities like trying the crossword puzzle or mastering a strategy in chess. However, it has been proven that participating in light hearted pastimes can improve the brain function and memory.

  • Having Healthy Relationships – Relationships help stimulate the brain. When one interacts with others it is the best way of exercising the brain and memory. Meaningful relationships and a strong support system can aid brain health.
  • Laughter Is Good For The Brain – You may have heard that laughter is the best medicine and it holds true for the brain as well. Laughter engages different regions in the brain which benefits the brain to a large measure. Listening to jokes and working on punch lines help activate different areas in the brain.
  • Find Fun In Your Life – You could laugh at yourself by sharing your embarrassing moments with others. You could be a part of funny situations where you find out what is funny and realize the humor in it. One should try and spend time with fun and playful people who have a unique approach to life and help others to laugh easily. Try and spend time with children who have the best tips for being playful and finding fun in everything.

# Increase Sleep And Exercise

It is often said that an old dog cannot be taught new tricks but that is not applicable for the brain. Studies show that the bran has the capability to adapt and change. Such abilities can be harnessed to improve the power and capacity of the brain even at old age. The main thing to emphasize is on is a good lifestyle that includes exercise and sleep at adequate measures.

  • Exercising The Brain And The Body – If you treat your body well you will increase the ability of the brain to process as well as recall information. As one does physical exercise they increase the oxygen being sent to the brain. This also lowers the risk of disorders which can lead to memory loss such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
  • Sleep On It – If you are not getting adequate sleep, your brain will not be able to function at full capacity. When your brain is not rested fully, critical thinking, problem solving abilities and creativity are affected. Whether you are studying for an exam or trying to keep up with a pressing work schedule you need to give yourself adequate rest. Memory consolidation is seen to occur during the deepest stages of sleep which has a key memory enhancing role.

Do you feel you are losing your memory? Have you lost your memory of many childhood events? When you are suffering from chronic stress and anxiety, it can reduce your memory and delete your old memories from your brain. To keep your brain healthy, happy and alert, you need to take steps to improve your life in the ways mentioned above. Following a healthy diet will also go a long way to boost memory levels.