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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Avoid These Foods for Hypothyroid Disease

# Fruits To Avoid
It is important for you to avoid certain fruits in our diet or take them in moderation, in order to improve the production of thyroid hormones in your body.
• Peaches
• Pears
• Strawberries

# Avoid Goitrogenic Foods
It would be ideal for you to stop cooking and eating goitrogenic foods to prevent hypothyroidism. Some of the most common goitrogenic foods are:
• Millets
• Mustard and mustard greens
• Cabbage and Cauliflower
• Broccoli
• Spinach
• Cassava root
• Radish
• Horseradish
• Canola Oil
• Bamboo shoots

# Artificial Sweeteners
• The artificial sweetener contains aspartame which can cause autoimmune disorders in people and hence should be avoided by hypothyroid patients.
• It is known to cause thyroid inflammation and will also start the production of thyroid autoantibody.
• It is better to completely avoid artificial sweeteners to increase the production of thyroid hormones in your body.

# Avoid Starchy Foods
It is important for you to avoid foods that are rich in starches and refined sugars as they tend to increase your weight and will also prevent the production of thyroid hormones to some extent. You will not be able to lose weight even if you are doing some exercise routines.
• White bread
• Cakes and pastries
• Refined sugar
• Baked potatoes
• Chocolate

# Iodine Rich Foods
It would be ideal for you to avoid iodine rich foods when you suffer from hypothyroidism unless your doctor suggests you to go for iodine foods and supplements.
• Iodine foods and supplements must only be taken by you if you suffer from hypothyroidism due to lack of iodine in your body.
• This is a rare phenomenon as eating too much of the iodine will result in hypothyroidism.

# Avoid Soy Foods And Products
Soy is a very popular food in the food market and soybean oil is used to make a lot of precooked and processed foods these days.
• It is ideal for you to avoid processed foods and premade foods prepared in soy oil as it has the tendency to affect the production of thyroid hormones in your body.
• It is also advisable for you to avoid chocolates and energy bars as it contains soy lecithin and will prevent production of thyroid hormones.
• Also do not include soy sauce in your daily food intake.

# Gluten Foods
Gluten foods and products will tend to trigger autoimmune responses in sensitive people and hence will hinder in the production of thyroid hormones in the body.
• It is ideal for you to reduce the consumption or even stop consuming veggies like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts to reduce the impact of hypothyroidism in your body.
• It is better to avoid all the processed foods as it contains gluten in some form or the other.
• Some of the gluten rich foods like barley, wheat and rye also needs to be taken in moderation or should be avoided.

# Other Important Foods To Avoid
The following list of foods is a sure no–no if you are suffering from hypothyroidism. These foods must be completely avoided so that you do not increase the hypothyroidism and also is best to prevent the recurrence of hypothyroidism symptoms.
• Peanuts
• Linseeds
• Mustard greens and mustard
• Coffee
• Kale
• Cassava
• Turnips
• Rutabagas

# Avoid Junk Foods
It is better to avoid all junk and fully processed foods as they tend to easily add more weight in the human body and will also reduce the production of thyroid hormones. Some of the foods to avoid are:
• White flour foods like breads, buns and cakes
• Calorie rich foods like cheese, butter, ice creams and red meat

# Avoid Tobacco And Alcohol
If you are suffering from hypothyroidism, then it is very important for you to seek doctor’s advice on consuming alcohol.
• It is better to avoid smoking when you are suffering from hypothyroidism as it tends to decrease the production of thyroid hormones.
• Doctors also suggest that you should completely cut down or take in moderation caffeinated drinks and alcohol depending upon the amount of hypothyroidism.

Benefit of Sugarcane Juice

When one lives in the tropical nations, they know about the long and damp summers that torque the body of all dampness content. Not everybody can escape being under the blasting sun as they must be outside for work. When one is depleted and feeling got dried out, they regularly miss out on their body liquids. With a specific end goal to extinguish their thirst and recharge the crucial dampness substance of their body, sugarcane juice is one of the best safeguards to select in the mid year. Not just is the sugar stick juice rich in normal sweetness, it offers one various medical advantages. There is no fake sugar included and the regular sugar content in the juice gives one the moment vitality that they have to feel renewed and great to go. The grungy type of sugar that it contains makes it useful for all not at all like the sugar or sweetened cool beverages and other packaged drinks. The advantages of this juice are a few which are explained beneath.

The cultivation of sugar cane is an age old practice and it originated in New Guinea 10,000 years back. After that it started being cultivated in many countries and predominantly in India. The Moors picked up the trade secret of processing sugar from sugar cane from Indians. Sugar production thus started being done in Spain and other countries in Europe. Different countries started producing sugar in different forms, color and granules as well as in terms of molasses content. Today, with the focus coming back on natural and unrefined forms of sugar, sugarcane juice is being highlighted more than the processed sugar.

# Benefits Of Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane is an important member of the grass family. It consists of sucrose and has several nutrients included in it which aids in maintaining good health. Many of the benefits are not known by people:

~ Sugarcane juice not only helps to add on healthy form of sugar in the bloodstream, it contains vitamins and minerals that can protect the system from flu, freezing and sore throat

~ Those who suffer from fever and have loss of protein from the system, they will find that consumption of sugarcane juice leads to supplementing the body with necessary protein. The body temperature is brought down and one can recuperate faster

~ Those who suffer from jaundice are provided sugarcane juice to recuperate faster

~ Digestion is assisted as well as constipation due to the high level of potassium content

~ Wound healing properties are enhanced and so is the immune system with regular intake of sugarcane juice.

~ Sugarcane juice is one fruit juice that has a high level of natural sweetness. One does not have to add on additional sugar to it. Those who are diabetic can enjoy such a juice without worrying about the blood sugar complications

~ When one is suffering from acute dehydration, it is recommended that one drinks this juice as it helps to boost the blood sugar levels as well as removes fatigue.

Reduce Lung Cancer Risk, Here Its Tips

On the off chance that you have the propensity for smoking, the central way that one can help themselves is to abandon smoking. Keeping on smoking and seeing different approaches to diminish the dangers of lung growth is an irresolute methodology. Smoking is known not the lungs as well as cause other related issues. By expanding the levels of poison in the circulatory system, you bargain your resistant framework extraordinarily. A wide range of illnesses go up against a graver appearance when one keeps on smoking. The accompanying strides can be gone for broke of lunch tumor in smokers.

# Do Not Smoke

  • Do Not Take Up The Habit – The main step towards reducing the risk of developing lung cancer is to stop smoking. Tobacco use is attributed as the major cause of lung cancer in people afflicted with such a disease across the world. It has been seen that in US alone eighty percent women and ninety percent men have smoked for which they have contracted lung cancer and finally died in the process. Thus, the main step towards reducing the risk of cancer is to not take up such a habit.
  • Quit The Habit – If you are a smoker, you need to quit the habit which will help to lower the risk of lung cancer. You could try electronic cigarettes to reduce your tenacity to smoke. One should remember that, even if you quit, you need to take steps towards a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to reduce the chances of contracting such a disease.
  • Seek Help – If you are a smoker and are unable to give up the habit, you need to lower the risk of lung cancer by seeking help. There are support groups where one can join to discuss their problems of not being able to quit. Such support groups allow one to express their feelings and be able to come to terms with their situation. One could also seek counseling and support to quit smoking.

# Reduce Exposure To Second Hand Smoke

It is said that passive smoking is as bad as being exposed to smoke first hand. Thus, one needs to find ways to reduce chances of inhaling second hand smoke at home or in workplaces.

  • Make your home smoke free – if you live with other members who smoke, try and discourage them from smoking. Even if they cannot give up the habit, they should be asked to smoke outside the close spaces where the air gets polluted easily.
  • Ensure that your workplace does not make you a passive smoker – you have every right to a smoke free space in your workplace. If others are smoking close to your office workstation and subjecting you to second hand smoke, you can speak up and voice your complaint.
  • Use public transport that does not allow smoking. Nowadays most public transport systems, public waiting areas do not allow people to smoke openly. One can always speak up if others are found smoking.

# Reduce Exposure To Dangerous Fumes

Lung cancer can be caused not only by being exposed to tobacco fumes or smoke but also by exposure to other forms of toxic fumes and pollutants.

# Reduce Use Of Chemical Household Cleaners

We do not realize that many of our actions involve working with chemicals that release fumes which can be toxic to our lungs. When you are using household cleaners, it is best to resort to herbal or non toxic household cleaning agents. These will not release harmful fumes which can affect the lungs and increase the chances of lung cancer.

# Workplace Dangers

Do you work in a factory where you are subjected to inhaling dangerous fumes? If so, find out the norms of workplace safety rules and whether your office is abiding by them. Seek medical help if you have been exposed to an unhealthy level of such toxic fumes. Consider changing such a workplace if the risks are great.

# Living Areas

Do you live in an industrial setting? Do you have plants and factories next to you which emit fumes all day? Such pollutants in the air will affect the residents nearby. Find out more about the factories located close to your home and whether you are at risk of contracting lung diseases like lung cancer due to constant exposure to such polluted air. You might need to consider moving t a safer and greener par of town in order to reduce such risks to your health.