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Easy Home Remedies For Bed Wetting

A standout amongst the most widely recognized issues that a huge number of mothers face each night is bed wetting of their children. This is an exceptionally regular issue that is found in youthful children and this issue will begin from the newborn child arrange and can even last up to the youngster years of the kid. There are likewise instances of more established individuals experiencing bed wetting issues. Yet, it is for the most part the kids who experience the ill effects of bed wetting and it is extremely hard to recognize what causes bed wetting and why it stops after some time. It is thought to be a characteristic procedure in the child’s advancement and you have to attempt to make the child dispose of the issue from the get-go in his or her adolescence days. Bed wetting is not an indication of a huge therapeutic condition or one that is identified with feelings.

# Cinnamon

Give your child a bar of cinnamon and ask him or her to chew the bark daily. It is one of the best and easiest home remedies for bed wetting. You can also mix the cinnamon powder with sugar and dust it on to your regular morning bread toast and give it to your child as a breakfast dish.

# Cranberry Juice

It is said that cranberry juice is very good to treat urinary tract infection and hence this juice will be very effective in reducing bed wetting problems in children. Give a glass of fresh cranberry juice to your child an hour before he or she goes to bed. You need to repeat this process daily for a few months to see effective results for bed wetting problems.

# Intake Of Fluids

It is better to totally cut down on the intake of fluids two to three hours before the child goes to bed. Also try to develop the habit of asking your child to go to urinate just before going to bed. If you are sleeping with your child, you can wake your child in the middle of the night and ask him or her to go and urinate. By doing this regularly, you can reduce the bed wetting of your child.

# Jaggery

In India, people give a mixture of jaggery, black sesame seeds and celery seeds to their children in a cup of milk to reduce bed wetting. This is normally given to the child everyday morning during winter time and this mixture has the qualities of heating up the body. This will prevent your child from urinating in sleep.

# Deworming The Child

A worm infection could be the symptom that triggers bed wetting in a child. You can  do it the Ayurvedic way by first giving the child about 20 grams of jaggery in the morning This can be followed by giving the child half a teaspoon of celery seeds mixed with a pinch of rock salt. This natural medication needs to be repeated every week for four weeks to see visible results.

# Herbal Tea

Mixing oak bark, barberry and horsetail in small amounts in a pan of boiling water and boil this pan for about two hours at low speed. You can give this prepared herbal tea to your child two times a day and once cup of this tea about an hour before he or she goes to bed. Consuming this herbal tea on a regular basis will reduce the bed wetting problems in your child significantly.

# Honey

One of the best home remedies for bed wetting is giving your child honey on a daily basis. Honey is a natural sugar that can treat the bed wetting problem in your child. Also, as it is a natural sugar you will not have any difficulty in feeding your child with honey. You can also add two teaspoons of honey in a glass of milk and giving it to your child during breakfast.

# Gooseberry Extract

You can also give your child a mixture of one teaspoon of gooseberry juice and a pinch of black pepper powder mixture This is one of the very popular natural another natural home remedies for bed wetting that is practiced by most mothers in rural India. You need to give this mixture to your child every night before going to bed.

# Mustard Powder

It is seen that mustard powder is a very good remedy for bed wetting problems. Mix about half a teaspoon of dry mustard powder in a glass of warm milk. Give this glass of milk to your child an hour before he or she goes to sleep. Mustard seeds have natural properties to treat urinary diseases. You can also give your child a fistful of small mustard seeds to chew on during daytime. This will help in reducing bed wetting problems.

# Bananas

Bananas are a good source of energy and can bind your stomach together. You can give your child two to three bananas daily. It would be ideal to give one banana during breakfast and one banana before the child goes to sleep. It helps in reducing bed wetting in children. Make sure that you do not give the child over ripe bananas.

# Raisins And Walnuts

Consuming two teaspoons of walnuts and one teaspoon of raisins every night before going to bed will help your child to reduce the bed wetting problems. Prolonged consumption of walnuts and raisins will produce very effective results.

# Apple Cider Vinegar

Another natural home remedy that you can think of to treat bed wetting is apple cider vinegar. Mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and give it to your child with every meal. The acid levels in the stomach will greatly reduce and the urge to urinate regularly will be greatly reduced.

# Say No To Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods especially for dinner will make the child drink a lot of water. This will surely lead to bed wetting problems. Hence, it is advisable not to give spicy foods to children with bed wetting problems or symptoms.

# Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine has diuretic properties which will increase the tendency to urinate. It is better to avoid giving your child coffee as well as drinks like colas, energy drinks, tea and coffee that contain caffeine. It is advisable to not give caffeine rich foods to children in the evenings and for dinner.

So, are you looking for home remedies for bed wetting problems that your child suffers? Is your child losing good sleep time due to bed wetting problems? Then, you can take a look at the home remedies that will help in reducing bed wetting problems effectively and easily.